Eco coating machine it’s a flame spray coater is a revolutionary coating system that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcoming. It is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching. It cures in seconds and is extremely durable.
The Eco Coating System Offers:
-This technology is considered as safe, healthy and in consistent with international environmental specifications

-The materials used in Eco coating is 100% guaranteed to stop water, salt and moisture leakage.


-Eco coating system can be used to isolate cement surfaces from in and out water leakage like the buildings, homes, frontages, toilets, kitchens, ceilings, foundations, roofs water tanks, swimming pools, bridges, tunnels, wall, ceiling, cellars and underground parking, insulation of metal substances and levels from moisture, salt and water like the pipes, liquid, water, gas and petrol tubes, drainage, iron, hangers and water connections.

-Easy to use as the spray technology is used and not manual installation which help to save time, effort and financial expenses.

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