Sandblast system is an advanced, active and modern European technology in the area of abrasive, cleaning and removal of impurities, dirt’s, rust, paint and unwanted layers from the top cement, metal, wooden , glass, marble and rock surfaces to return new and its original condition without trouble and effort and in a clean and safe method. It is a technology that uses automatic spray system by pressurized air, water and substances of Sandblast system.

Sandblast Features system are:

  • Sandblast machines, light weight and easy to use.
  • The materials used in Sandblast system are guaranteed materials and safe to human and the environment.
  • Sandblast system is considered to be 100% guaranteed in the removal and cleaning of unwanted layers from surfaces.
  • Sandblast system is fast and active that saves time and effort.
  • Materials, spare parts, maintenance and training are available.
  • The sandblast machines do not require a working team for using it but just one single person, saving financial and operational expenses.
  • Multitude of usages of the Sandblast system. It is used for the removal, abrasive and cleaning of rust and paint from the metal, vehicles, ships, factories, petrol refineries in the sea, metals, hangers and cleaning and removal of writings, drawings, paint and natural factors like the dust, soil and dirt’s from the buildings, wall, bridges and surfaces of buildings like the rock, marble, wood and cleaning and removal of impurities and dirt’s from sidewalks, grounds and streets and removal of writings and drawings from glass surface.
  • The Sandblast machines are 100% made of Europe.
  • One full year warrantee on Sandblast machineries.
  • No bad smell, harmful gases, dust or disturbing sounds are produced from the Sandblast machineries.
  • The sandblast machineries hold pressure of work for long period of time without stop.


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