– Eco Coating System is a European Technology new, modern and developing technology in the field of waterproofing. This technology depends on thermal spray system of waterproofing materials through Eco coating Machine. The Eco coating Machine with substances of waterproofing is considered as the most modern technology of waterproofing in the world.


-It is a safe, guaranteed and active technology in the waterproofing in all European and American countries and in all construction, contracting, insulation companies and the companies working in the field of gas, fuel, water, electricity, drainage, metals and iron throughout the world.


-The Eco coating system is in consistent with European and USA Saudi Arabia specifications and standards and it is holding an internationally approved certificates.

This technology is characterized with many features and some of them are:

1. This technology is considered as safe, healthy and in consistent
with international environmental specifications.

2. Easy usage and operation.

3. Eco coating Machine is light weight and easy to use.

4. The materials used in Eco coating is 100% guaranteed to stop

water, salt and moisture leakage.

5. Multitude usages of Eco coating system. It can be used to isolate

cement surfaces from in-and-out water leakage like the buildings,

homes, frontages, toilets, kitchens, ceilings, foundations, Roofs

water tanks, swimming pools, bridges, tunnels, wall, ceiling,

cellars and under-ground parking, insulation of metal substances

and levels from moisture, salt and water like the pipes, liquid ,

water, gas and petrol tubes, drainage, iron, hangars and water connection.



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